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Tenant Fee's


At Choice Rentals we have always subscribed to a clear and transparent charging structure. Our Tariff of fee's below can also be obtained in our office.

Application Fee's - £50.00 + VAT per applicant 

Documentation Fee - £100.00 + VAT (payable upon acceptance of property)

Guarantor Fee (if applicable) - £10.00 + VAT

Tenancy Renewal Fee (if applicable) - £30.00 + VAT


These are the only fee's charged by Choice Rentals to tenants. If you apply for a property and subsequently change your mind or are unsuccessful then the application fee's are non refundable. Tenants are vetted individually (not per property) which means that should you pass our vetting process but miss out on the particular property you applied for then you can apply for any other property within a 12 month time frame wihout having to pay application fee's again.