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Property Inventories

Here at Choice Rentals, included with all our lets is a free photographic and written inventory at Check in and readily available to be used at check out by either ourselves or an independant inventory clerk if you use our let only service. We believe a comprehensive inventory is crucial to minimising any deposit disputes and ensures both landlord and tenant have a clearly documented account of the condition of the property at the point of occupation. For a small additional cost we can provide a video inventory to compliment the written and photographic account.


In a nutshell a check in inventory is an accurate statement of the contents and condition of the property at that particular snapshot in time. Where many private landlords fall down, and have issues with the return of bonds/deposits at the end of the tenancy, are due to not understanding how to properly document the condition of their property and in many cases not undertaking any form of signed inventory with the tenant when they move in. This leaves a landlord in a very precarious position when trying to prove the original condition of their property should it be returned in a condition they are unhappy with.

Without an accurate inventory a landlord stands very little chance of any reimbursement back from a tenant for damages.

It is possible for a landlord to undertake the services of an independent property inventory clerk to carry out the report, however this is an additional cost in the overall process and can sometimes be difficult organising appointments. As part of our standard letting fee we include a full industry standard inventory which is signed by both ourselves and the tenant and becomes a legally binding agreement once complete. This alone is worth between £80 and £150.00 depending on the size of your property.


We will go into detail about each and every room in the property and also all interior and exterior elements of your property. Aswell as listing basic items of furniture, fixtures and fittings we detail the condition of carpets, wall surfaces, doors, woodwork, sanitory ware and so on. We also list and detail any pre-existing issues that are raised such as stains, chips or any other faults noted.

Along with the general condition we also details the following :-

  • Full tenant details
  • Opening/Handover Meter Readings
  • Number of keys issued
  • Provision of certificates (EPC, CP12 etc)
  • Sample Photographs - we typically take around 100 photo's of the property and a smaller sample is included within the live inventory document
  • Signatures from the tenant
  • Additional commentary
  • Any recommendations

As such we believe it is imperative that you have an accurate inventory statement to enable a smoother tenancy and a dispute free!