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Landlords Rent Guarantee


If you are like most Landlords then you rely on your tenant paying their rent each month to ensure that your mortgage is paid or for the extra additional income that your rental property brings. However, what would happen if your tenant suddenly couldn’t pay the rent anymore? Whilst Choice Rentals ensures that at the commencement of any tenancy that the best possible tenant is selected there are many different reasons why, during the course of a tenancy, that rent may not be paid. In any of those circumstances it is possible to protect your rental income by utilising our rental guarantee insurance.

The cost to evict a tenant can be substantial and the time period can be lengthy which if you are not receiving rent can seem an eternity. Our rental guarantee insurance can also assist with any associated legal costs or advice should this be required.  Why not consider protecting your rent from any defaults.

You might just be surprised at how reasonable the cost of this product is and the benefits it offers.

What are the Benefits of Choice Rentals Rentals Rent & Legal Protection Insurance

  • 6 Month or 12 monthly cover available
  • Covers up to £2,500 per month rent which covers 99% of most monthly rental amounts. (Higher amounts may be available on request)
  • Includes up to £25,000 of legal expenses in the event of court action needing to be taken to obtain possession of your property
  • Rent is paid continually up to when the tenant vacates the property or they recommence with paying the rent themselves.
  • Zero Excess fees on any claims made.
  • Premiums can be paid in one payment or built into monthly management fee’s.
  • Cost is not linked to rental income amount and is fixed so the overall cost is very affordable.

What does it cost?*

The cost for protecting your rental income can be covered in 2 different ways, either payable in advance or by building it into your monthly management fee.

For example :-

Lets say you have a 3 bed house in Blackpool and a let is agreed at £600.00. As its a new tenancy you may choose to protect your rent for the first six months as the tenant is new to us and is essentially an unknown quantity. Whilst we endeavour to ensure the best possible tenant is selected it is impossible to predict exactly what may happen in the future and so protecting a tenancy initially could be seen as a sensible move. At this point you have 2 options of how to cover the cost of the rental guarantee, firstly  you can pay a one off payment of £75.00 for 6 months cover or alternatively you could pay an additional 2.5% on you monthly management charge to cover the cost. In effect costing you £12.50 per month to fully insure your rent. After 6 months you can either renew the rental insurance for a further 6 months at the same cost, extending it to 12 months at a cost of £120.00 (or 2.5% on your monthly management fee). Or if you could cancel the insurance entirely.


*  Rental guarantee are available on any property with a monthly rent of between £900 and £2,500. Please note that in the event of a claim being made against the rental guarantee insurance we still charge our existing agreed monthly management charge.All insurance policies are subject to renewal and should you pay by upfront installments then failure to make payment before your policy expires could result in our provider canceling the policy. This insurance is not available to landlords using our let only service.


Our policy is underwritten by LetAlliance and can only be obtained when using a registered Agent.