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Are You a Landlord?

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Landlords Information


Some of our services and costs

  • We provide a free appraisal, valuation and general advice on how to best present your rental property and advice on any legal requirements you may need to adhere to.
  • We provide our services on a ‘No Let No Fee’ basis. By this we mean that if you place your property with us and should we not find you a tenant or you find your own tenant etc that there will be no cost to yourself.
  • We carry out all viewings on the property on your behalf.
  • All tenants are fully vetted using our referencing company. Credit Checks, previous references, proof of income, identification and address verification are all taken for each and every tenant.
  • We collect and manage the tenants deposit on your behalf at no cost
  • We collect rent on your behalf and provide you with a monthly statement
  • We pay to your nominated bank account by fastpay  BACS meaning in most cases you receive rent the same day as its remitted.
  • We prepare all legal documentation to commence the tenancy including Crystal marked Assured Shorthold Tenancy, Property Inventory, Standing Order mandates, authorisation’s to discuss benefit claims (if applicable) and more
  • We notify all utility suppliers, TV, telephone and council tax at the commencement of the tenancy with the new tenants details.
  • We assist in providing you with an Annual Gas Safety certificate via our Gas Safe Registered company at the best possible cost to you.
  • We can arrange your Energy performance certificate via our EPC engineer at the best possible rates also.
  • Electrical condition reports can also be provided as a best practice service to yourself if required.


How we market your Property

  • We advertise extensively online, in the press and in our offices.
  • We advertise on the UK’s largest property website Rightmove
  • We can at your request supply a ‘To Let’ board at your rental property
  • We provide you with a Window advertisement in our retail premises
  • Your property will be featured in our Available Properties brochure.
  • We will email details of your property to all tenants on our ‘Waiting database’



We operate a clear and transparent charging structure and there are no hidden costs in using our services.


  • We charge £238.80 (inc VAT)  to fully market your property including all of the above services and to source your new tenant. This fee is only payable once we have completed all work and moved the tenant into the property. As such we will ordinarily have collected a months rent in advance and the fee can be paid from this. Should we not source you a tenant for whatever reason then no fee is payable to us. This fee is the same whether you choose to undertake our fully managed services or our simple let only service.
  • Should you choose to utilise our fully managed service we typically charge a flat fee of 9.6% inc VAT (8% ex VAT) per month to undertake all the ongoing management roles within your property. Including rent collection, administration, maintenance and repairs, routine inspections and so on. This rate can be negotiated if you are a landlord with multiple units. If you have a property under management with another agents we guarantee to beat the rate they are currently charging.
  • At the end of a tenants contracted period should you wish us to renew the contract with them for an additional period (I.e prepare a new 6 month AST) then we charge £36.00 inc VAT for this service.
  • We do not charge for carrying out the initial inventory
  • We do not charge for any rental appraisals or for providing advice on letting your property
  • We do not charge to undertake routine inspections on the property
  • We do not charge for carrying out outgoing checks and closing inventories on your property
  • We do not charge to manage your tenants deposit
  • We do not charge to notify utility suppliers or councils
  • We do not charge to pay your rent to your bank account
  • All marketing fee’s are covered within the arrangement fee above - should you take the property away from us at some point we absorb the cost of the advertising and do not pass this on to yourself.
  • We can supply at no charge income and expenditure details on your property to assist in submission to the Inland Revenue.
  • We do not charge for dealing with insurance claims
  • We also attempt to maintain your property whilst it is not let, whether this be at the beginning of a new instruction or whilst your property is inbetween tenants. We do not charge for this service.
  • We can provide a rental guarantee on your property underwritten by our insurance broker. The cost estimate is specific to each property but typically costs around 2% of annualised gross rent. We can provide this on your behalf by adding 2% per month to your monthly fully managed fee.
  • Should there be any rent arrears we will make every effort to chase these on your behalf, including visit to the property, telephone calls and written demands. We do not charge for this service
  • Should there ever by any court proceeding related to your property then we do not charge for completing court forms or attending court where required. (Court fee’s are payable, however, these are payable by yourself direct to the court).
  • Should you have a block or property  (or be a member of communal building) see our Block Management Services
  • Should there be any disputes at the end of the tenancy with regards the holding deposit we do not charge to deal with these.


Some General advice and Best Practice

  • ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATES All properties being advertised for letting must now have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). If you have bought your residential property within the last 3 or 4 years you will probably find that your property has already had an EPC carried out on it. Check with the EPC register for free to see if you have already got one, if not then we will be able to arrange this for you at a typical cost of around £60.00. The EPC lasts for 10 years and so on an annualised basis is very cheap.
  • GAS SAFETY  All properties with Gas appliances (Boilers, Fire’s, Cooker’s, Warm air heating etc) must have their gas system and appliances checked annually. It is the landlords legal responsibility  to ensure this is undertaken and failure to adhere to this legislation can result in large fines or even a prison sentence. We can assist with preparing and monitoring this for you. Dependant on how many gas appliances your property contains the cost of the gas certificate can be anywhere for £50 to £70 per annum.
  • ELECTRICAL SAFETY Landlords electrical safety certificate - Our best practice advice is for any residential letting property to have its electrical system inspected and tested at least every 5 years or at an interval deemed suitable by a qualified electrician. If your installation is new then the chances are your property will have had a 10 year installation certificate currently in place. You can usually check this by looking for a sticker on the mains consumer unit and checking the expiry date. For installations older than this we strongly recommend an Electrical Condition report by undertaken by a qualified electrician to ensure the safety of the installation. The cost for this varies depending on the size of the property and the number of circuits but a cost of around £100 is usually sufficient. A new certificate will usually be granted for a 5 year period but could differ from this dependant on the results of the inspection. It is also a requirement that any electrical items you provide in your tenancy are checked for safety themselves, this is known as PAT testing. We can assist in provision with this also.
  • INSURANCE We advise all landlords to ensure they have the correct landlords insurance policy  in place to protect themselves and the tenants in the event of something happening to the rental property. Premiums can vary between area and size of property and so we would recommend speaking to our insurance broker who would be happy to provide a personalised quote.
  • FIRE SAFETY Fire safety and provisions. We strongly recommend that all possible measures are taken by you as a landlord to minimise the risk of fire or maximise the safety measures in place should a fire occur. We can help provide you with advice on how we feel your property can be improved on in this regard and can assist in arranging any improvements that may be legally necessary. Fire safety ranges in its legal requirements based on a number of factors mainly determined by  the size and nature of your property . We would be happy to arrange a Fire Risk assessment on your behalf by a UKFRAC (or other suitably governed body ) engineer. We utilise a small local company for this and the cost is usually very minimal
  • FURNITURE AND FURNISHING It is a legal requirement that any furniture you supply to a tenant meet the Furniture & Furnishing regulation 1998. We can assist in checking on the suitability of your furnishings.
  • MORTGAGE We also ask that should you have a mortgage on your rental property that the mortgage company is aware that you are letting the property.  If your property is a buy to let then this is already given, however, if you are renting a property that may have been your former residential home you may need consent from your mortgage to prevent you from breaking your terms and conditions with them. Should you need any help or advice in this respect we will happily refer you to our Independent Mortgage Adviser who would be able to assist.
  • TAX We are not qualified to advise you on your tax liabilities relating to your rental property, however we do have a recommended tax adviser with whom we can put you in contact with free of charge. We are authorised by the HMRC to act for landlords living outside of the UK so if you currently live abroad or are moving abroad and have an investment property we are fully registered to deal with your property on your behalf.


If you would like anymore information or wish to register your details please complete the brief contact form at the top of the page and we will make contact with you as soon as possible.