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Become a Choice Rentals Introducer

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Do you have a passion for property? or even just have contacts in the industry! 

If so, why not capitalise by becoming an introducer for Choice Rentals.

We pride ourselves on giving all our tenants and landlords a high level of service so you can be assured that any introductions to ourselves will be handled with excellence.

Whether you are a firm of Accountants with many clients or just an individual who knows a few landlords our competitive reward scheme can provide an additional second income to anyone at a pace to suit you.


We currently pay £50.00 per landlord introduction for a standard property* and £100.00 for a prestigious property**.

Fee's are paid 7 days after any introduced business has been concluded***. (By this we mean the introduced property has been changed to 'Let Agreed').

Fee's are payable by cheque.

If you feel you can be an introducer of higher volume please contact us to discuss becoming a premium introducer where a bespoke package can be arranged.

If you have any additional questions or would like to make an introduction to us now please call us on 01253 857577.


*A standard property typically has rent below £700 per month and is in a recognised area for rental property. i.e a 2 bed house in Layton

**A Prestigious property would typically have rent in excess of £800 per month and be in a more prestigious postal code. i.e a 4 bed detached house in Poulton

***All introduced business must be agreed prior and we cannot accept backdated claims for commission.